Sunday, March 18, 2012

cheater, cheater...

Well guys, I have a confession.  I cheated today! :(  Shocking, huh?  I was disappointed in myself, but I did learn something out of it, though.  Social networking makes it easy to become socially lazy. With a few clicks, you can lead yourself into thinking you have an active social life. It’s a good idea to pause and take a look at your social results. I found that spending more time on Facebook, especially by cheating today by using it for the first time since the end of February, did not produce much value for me socially. I did make some interesting contacts now and then, but it was not worth the time spent. It is true that in-person networking is more challenging. If your social skills are weak, you can pretend to be a social butterfly online just by throwing a lot of time at it. You’re still going to be limited in the long run by your ability to connect with people face to face. Make sure you don’t let your social skills get to the point where you end up spending more and more time alone, vainly trying to feed the illusion that you have a real social life. Since I have cheated, I have to make sure to keep challenging myself to not give up on this immersion. If I only do what’s easy, I will grow weaker with each passing day that is left.

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