Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's All About Computer Interaction

So I'm sitting here going through withdrawals from my Facebook.  But then I begin to realize the reality of using Facebook is that I am just typing and viewing insignificant bits of information on a digital device (computer, cell phone, etc). The next time you use such a service, pause for a moment and do a reality check. You should ask yourself these questions. What are you actually doing? Who is with you? How is this advancing your life? What if you do this for twenty more years? What do you expect to gain from it? You can call it social networking, but it is not really a social experience if you are actually alone sitting at a computer. I consider real socialization to be face to face. I feel that there is a tremendous richness to in-person socialization that just does not translate over the Internet, at least not yet. A ***hug*** isn’t a real hug. A smiley isn’t a real smile. All you are doing is pushing buttons. I will go so far as to say that Facebook is not social networking, but anti-social retreating. If you want to disagree with me about this, you will have say it to my face. If you try to tell me off by typing something on a digital device, you are only proving me right. Evil, I know. :)  I apologize for this post being more of a rant, but I just could not help myself from this.  I am irritated with having no Facebook right now.  I hope everyone else's immersions are going great!

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