Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Facebook Fast Might Work For You. .

If you have any doubts about your own Facebook usage, I highly recommend you to try a 30-day Facebook fast like I have been doing. It really is easy to do this because Facebook lets you (temporarily or permanently) deactivate your account without deleting your data like your friends, your pictures and things like that on your Facebook account. If you decide you want to go back to using it later, you can always log back in again, and everything can be restored with a few clicks, including your wall, photos, etc. As for the process of how to do it, all you do is login to your Facebook account, and click Account then go to -> Account Settings. At the bottom of that page, click “deactivate.” Follow the instructions from there. This won’t delete your information on your account, but it will take your profile offline. You’ll become invisible, making yourself not able to be searched by your friends on Facebook and anyone else. To restore it later, just login again and click a similar link to bring it back. If you really want to stay in touch with certain people from Facebook who do not already have an alternate means of contacting you like Twitter, you can send them a private message before you deactivate your account to let them know how to reach you during your process of deactivation. If you are an active Facebook user like I was, and you are in the process of going 30 days without it, you will start to gain a much clearer understanding of its role in your life. In my case it was obvious within a few days that the benefits I got from using it were not worth the effort, but there were other subtleties I did not notice until weeks later, like now. This is your life. It is up to you to ensure that you are getting good value from your online activities. As my mom told me, "don't just go through the motions because you’ve been swayed by some social network to behave a certain way." As for myself, I am sure it is obvious that I have no plans of returning to Facebook until the end of this month. Resistance is NOT futile.

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  1. hey im proud of you for giving up facebook! i would never have been able to do it! :)