Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What About Twitter?. .

So with the whole having no Facebook for a little bit longer, I solely depend on my other social network site,Twitter, to keep me sane.  The jury is still out about trying to see if I can deactivate that next to see how I go without that part of social media, but for now I am still using it. Twitter, to me, does not create the same accessibility problem because by wisely choosing the people that I want to follow on there, I am not forced to send messages or anything like that on Twitter opposed to Facebook. Even if I did have an inbox, it would not be that bad because people can only send 140-character messages. I just find it best not to have an inbox there at all, so I never need to worry about people expecting me to reply to their direct messages. A few people that I follow and that follow me back apparently consider it poor Twitter etiquette to have thousands of followers and not follow anyone back. I don’t lose any sleep over it. Occasionally I’ll skim through the public messages that people address to me, especially if I tweeted a question for feedback purposes, but I normally don’t pay much attention to the @PBnMelly replies since they’re mostly re-tweets of my own stuff. So if you tried to get my attention by publicly posting a message to me on Twitter, there’s a good chance I never saw it. For now, I am okay using Twitter for posting broadcast-style messages because Twitter does not force upon me the scaling headaches that Facebook does.

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