Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook is False... Say What?

I am a very extroverted person, for those of you who do not know or cannot tell.  As a child, I was somewhat introverted, though.  In kindergarten, I was the girl who played in the sandbox all by herself. I do not think I was lonely just because I did that. I just found sand toys more interesting than people back then. As I got older, I gradually became more of an extrovert. I believe that this was partly by choice. I pushed myself to develop my social skills and to embrace what I once avoided. It is said that "you’re an introvert if you recharge your batteries while being alone, and you’re an extrovert if you recharge in the company of others." That metaphor does not seem to work for me, though. I prefer balance, usually by taking turns. If I spend a lot of time alone, I feel a strong desire to go out and be social. But after a very social week with it being spring break, which was an absolute blast, I feel the desire to retreat back to my dorm room and enjoy more solitary time. Being active on Facebook had the effect of filling my social bucket. Essentially it is a false fill to me, like drinking salt water instead of fresh water. Instead of providing a real sense of connection that satisfies, it made me think I was out there being social, but I really was not. Facebook activity could never recharge my batteries in the way that face to face interaction does. When I dropped Facebook, I began feeling genuinely more social when I would go out and do things with my friends. When I WAS active on Facebook, I would not do that as much because I had the false sense that I was being social by interacting with my online friends.

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